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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop my entire weekly shopping list?
Unless your list includes stuff like boats, you'll find the selection here is the same as you'd find at your regular supermarket. We carry brand name canned goods and household supplies. We also offer the highest quality fresh produce, meats, dairy goods as well as a fully stocked freezer section. The one thing we don't carry is that sign that reads "Please use next cashier".

How and when do I pay for my groceries?
You can pay for your groceries online by VISA, MasterCard or Amex. Or, pay at your door upon delivery by Interac (debit).

Is there a minimum order?
Our minimum order requirement is $45.00 (excluding taxes).

When will my groceries be delivered to my home?
Once you complete your order, select the delivery window that suits you from a range of convenient delivery windows. Please note your cut-off time when you make this selection. Not all windows are available in all areas, but windows available to you will be displayed at checkout, when you place your order.

Since many delivery windows are 90 minutes long, you won't have to sacrifice your whole day waiting for the doorbell to ring. Don't worry if you like to hang around the house in your pajamas either. We'll always call you 15 minutes prior to delivery, just to let you know we're on our way.

How will I know that my order was received?
Every time you submit your order, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you. If you do not receive confirmation within one hour, please contact us to verify the status of your order.

Will the perishable items I receive be close to the expiry date?
Freshness is as important to us as it is to you. In fact, we have a Freshness Guarantee, so you can be sure your fresh items will arrive with a certain minimum number of days left before expiry.

Product Type Guaranteed days before expiry
Regular Milk Products 7 days
Organic Milk Products 7 days
Juice Products 7 days
Fresh Juice Products 2 days
Yogurt 7 days
Cheese (Deli/grocery) 7 days
Deli/Processed Meats 7 days
Commercial Bakery 5 days
Bagged Salads 3 days
Commercial Bread 2 days
Packaged Bread 2 days

Non-Frozen Packaged Meats, Poultry & Fish, Prepared Foods: Meats, including ground beef, are packaged in store.  Longo's does not gas-inject fresh packaged meats, so it is not uncommon to see "best before" dates as early as the day of, or after delivery.  Please freeze any meats not consumed by the best before date on the package.

What if I need to change my scheduled delivery day or time, or modify my order?
You can reschedule or modify an order up until the day before delivery. Please note that the deadlines for order modifications depend on the delivery window you chose (see table below for general guidelines). In the Main Menu, just click 'Modify a pending order', then select the order number shown to access and change your pending order.

Monday - Friday
Delivery Time Cut-off Time
Morning/Early Afternoon Modify by 7:00pm the day before delivery
Afternoon/Evening Modify by 11:00pm the day before delivery
Saturday - Sunday
Delivery Time Cut-off Time
Morning/Afternoon Modify by 7:00pm the day before delivery

What do you charge for picking, packing and delivering my groceries?
Grocery Gateway orders delivered to residential customers are subject to an $9.99 delivery fee (+ HST), regardless of order size, with a minimum of $45.00 prior to taxes & delivery.

The delivery fee for corporate orders is $15.50 (+ HST).

What if I am not satisfied with an item I receive?
You can order with total confidence because we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item you receive, we will credit your account for the value of the item. Please send an email to Customer Feedback about any order issues.

Is there a limit to what I can order?
We will gladly accept orders of reasonable size (need $400 worth of groceries? ... no problem), but we reserve the right to refuse orders that are unreasonable in nature, based on typical grocery shopping patterns. (e.g. 50 cases of pop) . Our business is not set up for such deliveries, and we want to avoid disappointing customers by depleting inventory on a single order. If you process an order that we're not prepared to accept, our Customer Response staff will contact you to discuss an acceptable alternative. If you have any concerns about your order, please call us at 905-564-8778 or 1-877-447-8778.

Do you accept corporate orders?
Yes, we certainly do. The delivery fee for corporate orders is $15.50 (+ HST).

Do you deliver in my area?
We deliver to many neighbourhoods in Toronto and surrounding areas. To find out if we deliver to your neighbourhood, select an account type from the home page, then enter your Canadian postal code under the the "Register Today" heading.

Should I tip the delivery person?
Great service is expected! Tipping is not.

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